Saturday, September 30, 2006

These Are Our Lives

Or the all fiction issue of The Stinging Fly, of which I am now a patron because, you know, the arts and that. This book is a superb collection of 22 short stories plucked out of the submissions bag by editor Declan Meade. Declan's got a great eye for putting stuff together--you want him to make you a mixtape, in other words. The work in here is uniformly good to great, with only one story boring me with its show-offiness to the extent where I didn't finish it. The stories take in house parties in Galway, lonely farmers who've let life slip through their fingers, post-apocalyptic holidays in Spain, joyless voodoo-inspired sex in Dublin apartments, meeting Polish dreamers, and a bunch of other experiences worth putting down on paper. This is a beautifully put together book too, a very nice object all by itself. I'd recommend it.

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