Friday, September 01, 2006

Fear it!

More teh cuetness in the Monkey house. Housemate Niall brought home a kitten that he found on a building site in Cavan. It was being kept in a mayonnaise tub, and the people who had found it were going to just turn it loose again, so he took it home. It is called Dweezil, and after three days of hiding behind things in the small room, it has been to the vet (it's a boy!) who pronounced him fit and well and just a little bit earmitey. A few more days will tell us for sure if he's got anything he's going to pass around, but otherwise we should be introducing him to Linus some day next week.
Hmm. The photos do perhaps make him look eviller than he really is. I will try to get better photos.


Queenie said...

Dweezil looks like my Jabba when I found him and look how big and sleek he got. Of course he's a totally evil bastard.

How do you make the cool labels thingummy??

Trish Byrne said...

I am on Blogger beta. It's not that different from regular blogger, but it's got the cool label thing. And it's slightly easier to move my html around.