Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hey, remember the summer, and how much fun it was?

Remember? Remember when I had my car fire? Well, Meath County Council would like me to relive those memories, by sending me a bill for the services of the Fire Brigade. A bill for €154. A bill I'm not paying. A bill that arrived after the insurance company settled the claim in full. A bill that I was not warned about in advance.

Good jesus I hate this fucking stupid country.


Trish Byrne said...

Yes. That was my thinking. It seems as though my insurance company will pay it, but I still can't help thinking it's not totally legal to just up and charge people out of the blue for a service people assume to be free, without making any mention of a charge when the service is requested.

Ammonite said...

Hang on, as a taxpayer isn't the fire call already paid for? I know if you call the fire service out on a hoax, or for setting your house on fire from your chip pan then you are charged and rightly so (chippers are everywhere so why are you messing around with boiling oil you mong?). But if it's outside your control then you're in no way accountable.

Trish Byrne said...

Well, sadly that is the way of capitalism. The Man spends all his time encouraging you to buy and own things, and then blames you for other people setting fire to them.

Also, The Man takes your tax money to spend on (I am not making this up) putting plants down in the piece of waste ground outside our local councillor's supermarket, and then makes you pay for your own fire call.

I'm thinking of buying one of those houses in Northern Ontario and pretending the world has come to an end.

mylescorcoran said...

I suppose if word of this sort of thing got around, people wouldn't bother calling out the fire brigade for fear of being billed.

And the world would BURN.