Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kitten sadness

We recently experienced a kitten tragedy here in the Monkey House. The lovely ginger kitten who was going to go and be Dweezil's special friend died. I was putting eye drops in his eye and he squirmed away from me and fell on the floor. On the way down, he hit his head off the edge of a box, and by the time he got to the floor he was spasming frantically and was clearly not well; he died within a few minutes.

Looking back on it from the relatively safe distance of a few days, I realise that for all that I make fun of Mister M and his freakish inability to cry, it is a useful skill to have in a situation like this. I, on the other hand, go completely to pieces.

I mean, I know he was just a kitten and not a person or anything, but it was pretty awful.

In good kitten news, though, Rory is a little trouper. She's sweet and affectionate and fun. A good kitten catch.


Queenie said...

Mr. M wasn't putting the drops in the eye when it happened but. Which is a big thing. I remember dad having to put down a Lab for no other reason than the owner was going to live with his son who didn't want a dog. And the Lab knew what was going on. And there were a lot of tears that weren't just mine.

mylescorcoran said...

Ah shit. I'm really sorry to hear that. Poor kitten, poor monkey.

*ineffectual internet hugs*