Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New blog, new danger

Recently I read an article in The Economist about Mena Trott, who is the (I'm sure) nice young lady who owns Six Apart, along with her husband. If you have a TypePad blog or a LiveJournal, then she owns your soul and doesn't like you putting pictures of your breasts on the Internet (ha ha, humour, please don't sue me). But apparently 30 million people don't mind that, because they blog using her blogging tools. The Economist got excited about her latest blogging community, which is called Vox. I decided to step over to Vox and see what it's like, and it's basically like a combination of the good bits of LJ--community, fun, people popping in and out to say random stuff to you, handy tagging, nice ways of organizing your information--with the good bits of Blogger--clear interface, good blogging space, er, you know. I suspect it also has many of the OMG LOLZ bouncing kitty avatar bits of LJ as well, but you get those kind of nutters everywhere.

Anyway, I set up my own blog there just to see what it is like. I think I will crosspost for a month or so and see what happens (obviously after this post. Not much point in crossposting this post). I don't feel like migrating another blog, and to be honest, I sort of like the slightly curmudgeonly air that Blogger has. "Oh, are you part of some lovely online community where everyone has polls and chats and friends and family?" "No, I'm on Blogger. Read or don't read it, I couldn't give a fuck." So loads of really good people will need to end up wanting to be my virtual friend or I will forget about the whole idea.

Apparently the way to lure loads of people on to your blog is to ask stupid questions, as if you were a radio station trying to generate revenue by getting people to text in. Apparently that's what all those memes are for. Then you can build up your advertising. What do you think?

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