Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It is a new year

And of course the antsiness sets in something rotten, doesn't it? You want to paint things, move things, throw stuff out, get fit, get healthy, call your friends more, but mostly you want to sit on the sofa and watch repeats of ER and make resolutions that are easy to keep. Preferably things you've already started doing some time in December, because you're already halfway there. That's the trick people always use when they're making out their Objectives and Key Results in their jobs, isn't it? Of course, you know you're in trouble if your resolutions are indistinguishable from your OKRs. That means you care more about work than you do about you.

There is never any danger of this happening to me.

I have, therefore, made some good old-fashioned resolutions for 2006 (wait, it's 2007).

  1. Go into Dublin twice a month. I was originally planning on it being once a week, but there's no point in setting yourself up for failure straight away.
  2. Read all the unread (almost wrote undead there) books in the house before buying any new books. Luckily, I went on Amazon and bought all the books off my wishlist to add to the pile, so I will have plenty of reading material for the year. Of course, if I carry on reading at the rate I'm going, I won't need any new books.
  3. Start volunteering again. It's been six months since I did anything for anyone other than myself, and that's not really acceptable to me.
You will notice that these are all positive resolutions. Doing, rather than denial, is the key here. Wish me luck.

Do you have resolutions?


ian said...

Read all the unread (almost wrote undead there) books in the house before buying any new books.

this is the most problematic of your goals.

Queenie said...


I knew you would volunteer again. I refer you to a blog entry I wrote about you approximately six months ago.