Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Valentine's Day is over

This is Valentine. He's very *shy* and doesn't like having his photo taken, so we weren't able to get any good photos of him. He's a Yorkie who has some trouble with his back legs, but he's a little sweetheart of a dog really.

Poor Valentine was the most scared of all our fosters so far when he came to our house. I think it's because he was with another foster family and not being rescued by us from scary kennels. It took him hours to peel himself away from the front door, and days before he would actually be pleased to see me or Keith when we came into the room. But now he's going back to his other foster home where he can continue the physio on his back leg, and we can continue our search for Milo's best friend ever.

What we have learned from Valentine: Yorkies aren't just little balls of yap. They can be cuddly and they like to run on the beach too.

What Milo has learned from Valentine: small dogs don't like it when bigger dogs step on their heads and pee on them by accident. Also, the side passage of the house leads to the front of the house, so you can bark at your humans when they're around the front of the house as well as around the back (I could have done without Milo learning this, but oh well).

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