Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stay Lady, Stay

This is Lady. She's staying with us for a while to be a friend for Milo. She could end up staying with us for a very long while, but hopefully her owners can be traced. Someone bothered to have her spayed, quite recently too, and she's a cutie of a dog. She has massive ears and big brown eyes and she likes to run like a loon. She gets that great greyhound face on her when she runs really fast, as if there are several Gs pressing her face into a grin.

For all that I'd love her to stay here, it certainly was easier to manage just one dog, and she could well have an owner out there somewhere pining for her.

Original comments:
She's a very pretty, dog though it's a shame that her tail is docked. She seems very *fond* of milo.
Posted by watchdog on Feb. 28 2005, at 3:01 PM Delete
It's very funny to see the dynamic between them. Lady keeps finding old bits of bone in the back garden from when Ned was here. She brings them inside and chews them and Milo takes them away from her when she's not looking, because they're his toys, even if he never showed any interest in them before she came along.
Although he was very excited this morning to have another dog to run around with, he's now in the mood for his afternoon nap, and she's a bit too perky for him.
Posted by on Feb. 28 2005, at 3:34 PM Delete
So this is what life is like in the country
Posted by caelen on Mar. 01 2005, at 1:38 PM Delete

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