Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do you trip up a lot when you walk?

This is what my Wii Fit asked me when it had finished doing my balance test. It also tells me I have a Wii Fit age of 54. I am actually 38. Bastard.

On the good side, it did not say "one at a time, please" when I stepped on it. It also knows that I am a "friend" of Mister Monkey (because it asked me when I was registering), and so when I had finished my exercise program this morning, it asked me if I had noticed any change in his posture. When I chose "no" from the menu, it suggested that maybe I'm not paying enough attention to him. It went on to recommend that I try to build on our relationship a bit more by making more eye contact.

Yes. Life lessons for only €89.99.

The bloody thing is obsessed with "balance" and has a whole section of games just to improve your "balance". I'm beginning to think, however, that it's mistranslating the word, and what it actually means is a kind of combination of balance and reflexes. Because I can balance just fine, but it turns out I'm SHIT at heading footballs. Oh yes.


Ammonite said...

I can see two reasons why 'balance' is such as focus for WiiFit:
1) Balance activities build up your core strength.
2) Balance activities have less chance of making you dislocate something.

Or maybe I'm totally off base, after all, I've never played with it.
BTW how large is the board? I can't see how you could do an effective downward dog on it.

Queenie said...

Making comments about your relationship?

That's a bit off, isn't it!!

Trish Byrne said...

>>BTW how large is the board? I can't see how you could do an effective downward dog on it.<<

The board's only just big enough for you to put your feet on, like a weighing scales. It also has sensors to the side of it, though, so when you're doing your step class it can tell if you've stepped to the side or to the back. It's really clever, even if it is cheeky.