Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cold blow and the rainy day

Our walk this morning was heap o'fun. We walked up towards Mosney, where the army was shooting smaller things at bigger things. A couple of soldiers were posted at the perimeter of where the shooting happens to make people turn back.

Except that Woody did not turn back. Oh no. Woody ran up to the soldiers, gave it the double-time wags, then robbed a cling-film-wrapped packet of sandwiches out of a haversack on the ground and noshed them down in two seconds flat.

I apologised wholeheartedly, but the soldiers seemed unconcerned. "He's about the only one would eat them," one of them said.

At least this is unlikely to happen to them in Chad.

When questioned about his actions, Woody said, "I like to eat all things."


Ammonite said...

Our dogs once ate a set of nineteenth century chinese carved walnuts and a $10 bag of pond coins.

It always amazes me when I meet people who bang on about how much their dog likes an organic, vegetarian diet. The only reason dogs don't eat concrete is that their teeth won't stand it.

Unknown said...

The only reason dogs don't eat concrete is that their teeth won't stand it.

I have witnessed my friends' dalmatian consuming, amongst other things, an entire jar of beetroot (dying himself a fetching shade of pink in the process), compost, and their other dog's drool.

Ammonite said...

Pink dalmatians! I'm surprised they haven't caught on.

The drool comment makes me feel a bit ill. But Brown Dog used to regularly get his head peed on, he was so excited to sniff what Black Dog was sniffing. Couldn't wait a second, oh no.