Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear people who make Heroes,

Please note that I used to really like your show. However, you have turned it into total shite. I can't believe you were allowed to make another series of it, but it seems you will be bringing it back in September.

I will not be joining you. So, yes, Milo, put your shirt back on and go back to your Oirish girlfriend, because we are finished.

That is all.

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Big Boss said...

We kept watching because I couldn't believe that there wasn't going to be a single good episode. I thought at least one future-Hiro appearance or something like that but no, it was just shit. With more heroes only two of whom aren't shit (gold Bob and matrix-learning chick). It's so very, very lazily written too which I find unforgivable in a sci-fi type show. There are so many "that's not how that works", "they would never do that", "that's not consistent with last season" moments that I spent a lot of time being randomly pained by it.

About the only things I liked were the Cork episodes because they were definitely so bad they're good. Worst, paintings, ever.