Monday, November 27, 2006

Heroes, the best way to take your mind off a bad cough

It's just great. It's got comic book stuff and sci fi stuff and crazy paranormal stuff and it's creepy and gory and full of people who make you go "don't trust him, he's very bad" and full of stuff that makes you go "holy crap." We are loving it, here in the Monkey house.

The most fun thing we've learned about it is that the dude who plays Hiro still works part time at Industrial Light and Magic as an animator, which presumably makes him a huge enormous geek.


Andrew Farrell said...

Is it on actual telly, or off Santa Internet Telly?

Trish Byrne said...

It is not on the real telly yet, although it may be soon, as Housemate Niall says he has seen ads for it.

Queenie said...

I am completely addicted to Heroes. I was keeping it secret so as I could brag about it when I got home, in an airy 'oh but you MUST have heard about it' kind of way.

But now we can chat about it instead. Which is just as good.

And the great thing about it is very few people know about it here either as it was never promoted as 'telly to watch this Fall' and it is on at 10pm on a monday, when most Nova Scotians are in bed