Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Only 19 more to go!

Hey, remember this? In fact I was wrong about how many there were to go. Because I am good at my job, and because the place I work is populated with nice, reasonable people, I have been told that I can go home for good on November 20th.

So, taking into account Bank Holidays and actual holidays, there are only 19 more 6am starts to go. This is good news, because it's starting to get dark and cold, and I can see Orion in the mornings now.


mylescorcoran said...

Orion is coming to welcome you home.


That's good news. Enjoy the tea, slippers and working from home.

Ray said...

I'm finally biting the bullet and learning to drive, because my 6.30 starts (and 6.30 returns) are starting to piss me off.