Sunday, October 01, 2006


Blue-footed ones, naturally.

I am such a nerd for anything to do with the Galapagos Islands. The BBC has a new documentary about it which looks absolutely beautiful and features some of the most gorgeous footage of boobies and sea lions and tortoises and albatrosses, but sadly has a script that's almost as dull as the one for Planet Earth. Too much imagery, too little information, portentously narrated by Tilda Swinton and with music that makes you think Elijah Wood is going to drop a ring into the middle of the caldera on Fernandina.

Part of me would love to go there. But part of me thinks it would be wrong to fulfil such a fantasy. I would never want to come home, for a start. And it does seem a bit stupid to pour so much carbon dioxide into the air to get to somewhere where everyone's so concerned with conservation.

I had no idea there were 28,000 people living on Galapagos. Those crazy Ecuadorians and their wanting to make a living.


Ammonite said...

I just bought my christmas flight back to Ireland and paid extra to offset my carbon emissions. It's probably a big scammo but I feel all good about myself now.

Trish Byrne said...

According to the environmental columnist in The New Statesman, it is all a big scammo. However, I did not know that one of the carbon offset companies helps offset your carbon in some way by giving stoves to poor people? I don't know how that has any effect on your carbon emissions, but it's good news anyway, surely?