Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bye bye Ned

This is Ned. He's an English setter who stayed with us this week so that we could test out a dog for a bit before deciding whether or not to get one of our own. The jury's still kind of out.

Cons of owning a dog:

It's non-stop poo which you have to clean up.
You have to be a responsible adult.
You have to take the dog for walks every day even if it's raining or cold.
It's expensive.
Dogs eat a lot.
Way more than cats.
Pros of owning a dog:

You have someone to go for a walk with you, every day.
Your dog loves you.
It's a dog, and only fools don't like dogs.
You can get two dogs and call them Louie and Louie.
So, we'll see. Fostering Ned was a very positive experience. He is a good dog who is super to walk on the beach with. He goes asleep in a corner when you're not doing anything interesting for him to poke his nose into. But he's not very affectionate and doesn't make any noise, which I think makes him kind of eerie. Still, he's off to his new home in Bristol tomorrow. I hope he'll be really happy.

Original comments:
How did the cats react to a dog?
Posted by Mark (Keiths col.) on Feb. 18 2005, at 4:32 PM Delete
Killick never came downstairs the entire time the dog was in the house. Linus kept trying to get in to the room that the dog was in and then acting all surprised to find a bloody great dog there.
Most of all, though, the cats were pissed off that our focus shifted from them to another animal. They're very happy today, everything's back to normal.
They will not be pleased tomorrow when the new dog comes.
Posted by trish on Feb. 18 2005, at 4:56 PM Delete
My mother's concerned that when we have Dizzy in a house in Dublin the entire back garden will fill with poo overnight, as a result of which we will have to surf through poo.
Posted by wwhyte on Feb. 20 2005, at 6:58 PM Delete

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