Friday, February 12, 2010

Battle of wills in Tesco

Last night I was picking up a few necessities in Tesco when I ran into the woman from this blog post. Remember her?

Well, we looked each other up and down very quickly, and of course had a judgemental look over each other's baskets to see what the other one was buying. I had milk and juice and toothpaste and eggs in mine: normal stuff. My arch nemesis, on the other hand, was clutching an enormous box of Thornton's chocolates, which she pressed more tightly to her as I passed.

From the way she looked at me, she knew that I knew that she was planning to scoff the entire box herself.

And so I win round two.


Derval said...

Hurray for Trish. Boo for choccy scoffing beatch.

mylescorcoran said...

Now don't jump to conclusions. She might not have been planning to eat all those chocolates.

She might be planning to stuff them up her arse.

Go Trish!