Sunday, January 10, 2010

Roll on February

Okay, the first two weeks look like being a bit crap. Mrmonkey will be away, visiting the mothership and renewing his acquaintance with the endless ad breaks of U.S. television, and I will be here on my own.

But then will come the first gigs of spring, peeping out of the calendar like bright crocuses and acting like beacons to steer me through the rocky weeks of the mister's absence.

On February 14th we will be going to Vicar St. to see Midlake, one of our two favourite bands of the last ten years (yes, the Arcade Fire is the other one). To demonstrate how hotly I'm anticipating it, let me tell you that I am actually hoping they play tracks off their forthcoming album, because I could do with some new Midlake about the place.

Then, a mere four days later, we'll be going back to Vicar St. to see Dara Ó Briain. His gigs are a treat for people who (like me) love their comedy but get a bit fed up of the usual stand-up topics--women, eh? fat people, eh? chavs, eh? airlines, eh? Big Brother, eh?--and would like something just a little bit different and, yes, perhaps just a little bit nerdier. Reading the interview with Dara from yesterday's Irish Times (although the interview is a bit peculiarly written) whets the appetite, as does reminding myself of previous times we saw him in Vicar St.

All we need now is for the snow and ice to EFF OFF back up to the Arctic, and we can get on with getting through January and watching the crocuses come out.


Quadrant Four said...

I am suitably jealous, all the tickets for Dara O'Briain in my part of the world are sold out. I hope you enjoy it, and hope his stage entrance is a little bit slicker by then ;)

And thanks for the pointer to the article, an interesting read.

Antiqueight said...

Got tickets for myself, Myles and Sam - must remember to check date! Looking forward to it a great deal, especially with all this bloody cold.

mylescorcoran said...

Ooh, I'd forgotten about those tickets! Looking forward to it. Must build up credit with Sally for babysitting.