Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let's focus group this mother out

As I believe they say in the publishing trade.

I've decided to actually try to produce a workable second draft of my book. If you read any of it, I would like you to tell me what you thought of it, if that's not too much trouble. One thing you did like and one thing you didn't like will be sufficient. Also, if you didn't finish it, when did you stop reading and why? And if you did finish it, did you like it all the way to the end or did you think it got rubbish somewhere along the way but you finished it anyway because you're bloody minded like that?

I've already decided on some of the broader changes I'm going to make and some of the character relationships I'm going to rework (mainly the two lead characters, who I like better as semi-robotic loners who've found their niche in life as zombie killers than as nice, regular people who fall in love with other people ever), but it would be nice not to make the same mistakes twice.

So, if you can be bothered, please comment. I realise there's nothing in it for you except that book-group feeling, but you would be helping me with my project. Thanks.

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Grace Tierney said...

Hi Trish,

I'm in mad revision mode on my 2007 nano novel at the moment. I'm using www.critiquecircle.com for detailed feedback and it is really worthwhile. Maybe have a look at it?

Also, I don't seem to have an email address for you outside of nano but wanted to send on somthing about a short story contest?

thanks, Grace (ML NE)