Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is nice system, but please, where is heat?

We recently spent over €4,000 on a new heating system for our house. It's a very clever system that adjusts itself in line with the temperature outside and can be set to heat just your water or just your radiators and no water, whichever you prefer. However, it turns out that you can't just turn it ON when it's cold out. You have to fiddle with the settings to reprogramme its start and stop times. There's no "boost" setting that turns the heat on for an hour and then turns it off again.

There is NO BLOODY ON button that just turns the effing heat ON.

So stupid. See, that's what happens when you don't ask anyone for feedback before you start production on something.


Mark said...

It's all itunes' fault. Have you noticed it doesn't have a "stop" button?

Queenie said...

Ehm.... not trying to be a smart ass here, but if it adjusts itself in line with the outside temperature then surely when it's cold....

We just spent a lot of money on our water system. Same type deal. Hand over piles of money to have something in your house done quietly and efficiently by a machine.

When do I get to spend thousands on FUN TINGS????


mylescorcoran said...

The ON switch is accessed by burning wood on the floor of your living room.

Did you at least get the SEI grants to pay for some of the cost?