Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why I may not be watching Watchmen

First off, I never read the book.

Having got that out of the way, let's proceed.

Well, you don't get to see Billy Crudup much.
And ever since I saw Little Children and its incredibly disturbing masturbation scene, I can't ever look at this guy again.
Also, one of the lady Watchmen highlighted one of my problems with superhero comics and movies when she pointed out that high heels, corsets, and latex are very uncomfortable, and that if she was an actual superhero she would wear running shoes and sweat pants.
Oh, and I hated 300.

(Also, while I'm watching Film 2009, why can't Sarah Ferguson open her mouth when she talks? It would make her ever so much easier to understand.)

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Ray said...

First off, read the book.

Can't help you with Crudup, but the other guy's face is covered for most of the movie (depending on how of the prison stuff they include)

The costumes thing, especially the watchlady costume, is a plot point. You must trust in Alan Moore, He does not let these things go unexamined.

I haven't seen 300, but the source material was by Frank Miller and is very very easy to hate.

It could be a complete mess. And if it's good, it will probably be good in a po-faced Dark Knight kind of way, rather than an Iron Man kind of way, so perhaps not the kind of thing you'd like anyway...