Monday, February 09, 2009

Economy's crap, isn't it?

Some friends of mine, who are married to each other, were recently laid off by a company they have worked for pretty much since they left college. This company is not in any financial difficulty whatsoever, it's just a slave to its shareholders, and it's gotten greedy. Bunch of tossers. That's the last one of their phones I'll be buying, that's for fucking sure.

Here in Monkey Mansions, however, things look a little bit more solid. Mrmonkey was informed that it is highly unlikely that his company will close its engineering office in Dublin, and I've actually got overtime on! I know!

We are celebrating this fact by getting some work done on the house before we do get made redundant, because I know if I do get laid off, I'd rather spend my period of unemployment sitting in a nicely landscaped back yard than in some scrubby back garden. Mrmonkey was slightly concerned that our neighbours would think we were flaunting our employed status (our next-door neighbour got laid off from his construction job some months ago and is now working a shitty night-time delivery job, which he hates). But if nobody hires anybody to do any work, then the economy will never get going again.

(I am right, right? How would you feel if you lost your job and the people next door to you were having their garden landscaped? I think I would only care if I was a garden landscaper and they hadn't asked me.)


Queenie said...

You are absolutely right.

If you read the financials industries like telecomms, technolgoy, energy and one other which I can't remember are still doing well. So not everyone is being tarred with the same brush despite what George Lee is saying.

Apparently, people who are doing okay right now having deh fear of spending money in front of the neighbours is what is going to do for everyone in the end.

If you were canadian, you would be getting a special one off tax credit for renovating your yard. As we will be getting. You are doing your patriotic duty.

Terrible news about your friends, I was wondering how they were doing just a while ago - that is just terrible.

Queenie said...

I saw this link.... and immediately thought of you!!