Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All your cats are belong to us!

Jane lives here now.

She is super disoriented at the moment, a state of mind which is probably not helped by the three other cats sniffing at her and making themselves big in her presence while she tries to find a cosy space near a human where she can sit and wait for the world to normalise itself.

I'm sure that if I was a more capable writer with less of a cold or flu, I would have something profound to say about circles and things coming home and remnants of a previous life and so forth.

But my head hurts and I'm tired and I just want to go to sleep and wake up normal.

A bit like Jane.


kvlol said...

Aw. I look forwards to ZOMG CUET PIKCHEWERS PLZ.

Circles of life are over-rated. Stupid Lion King making geometry all sentimental and shiznit...

mylescorcoran said...

Sleep well Jane and Mrs. Monkey.

Queenie said...

Wow. I am impressed that Jane is still around. If it's the Jane I think it is.

Screw circles, applaud the linear progression of that cat.

Hope you feel better soon - everyone in my house is sick except me. Of course.

Trish Byrne said...


It is indeed the same Jane. She must be about 15 by now, bless her waddly old heart.

She's very scared of the resident cats and keeps boxing them if they come too close to her, but they will wear her down eventually and make her be pals.