Monday, June 11, 2007

Jesus, what is RTE's problem?

I have just had to run to turn off the radio with my hands over my ears. Not a gainly sight, I think you'll agree. But what am I supposed to do when Morning Ireland decides to have a piece about the very last episode of The Sopranos and play clips from it? And then get someone from the San Francisco Chronicle on to talk about it?


Furthermore, I would like to thank RTE Two very much for their inability to actually start a programme when they say they will. We set the Sky Plus to record the Saturday night repeat of The Modest Adventures of David O'Doherty, and it managed to start about 15 minutes late, which meant we missed the last seven minutes of it and don't know whether he actually did get into the Irish chart or not.

HI DERE, RTE! A television schedule is not like a hairdresser's appointment book! It is not okay to overrun late at night because you were busy earlier in the day. Please to act like professional television network. Thank you.


Big Boss said...

It costs us about €300 a year (what with having another mostly uninhabited house) for the privilege of listening to the increasingly annoying MI and missing one of the few shows we care a damn about on RTE. Money well spent I say.

goingblankagain said...

The clips were apparently from the penultimate episode, though there's no excusing RTÉ for not having OMG SPOILERZ!!! at the start of the piece.

I heard a rumour that Jack dies and that it was Earth all along!

Unknown said...

I had a nice roasting of RTÉ here but it decided not to post and delete itself so I will say this:

RTÉ are extremely unproffessional. All their home grown programmes are tripe.

They've made it too easy to bash them.

I mean Trump Card? Really??!

Absolute piss.