Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This is what I have now. Swelling of the extremities due to pooling of blood or something. Lovely.

Mister Monkey and I spoke this morning of what I would need to do to try to manage my hypertension without recourse to medication, given that the medication appears to disagree with me. Sadly, what I would need to do is basically reinvent my entire self and become some other, healthier, calmer human being. I would need to eat well, follow a whole food diet, and avoid alcohol and salt. I would also need to be calm (no laughing at the back, there), and meditate and do yoga and all that stuff.

On one level, it's very appealing. I would like to be calmer. I've never met anyone who is as stressed out and mental with so little external stress and cause for mentalness. I've even heard it suggested that part of the reason for my day-to-day boiling rage is my high blood pressure, and that if my blood pressure came down I would be more calm and less anxious anyway, and then would find it easier to become more calm and less anxious. I don't know about that, but I know some things, namely:

I still hate going to the doctor, and it gives me stress.
I really hate going to the hospital.
I don't like taking medication, especially given it makes me puke/cough/swell up like Violet Beauregarde.
I don't want to have a stroke/heart attack/whatever the hell else high blood pressure puts me at risk of. (Nice hanging preposition there. Shut up, you.)

It doesn't leave a huge number of options, does it? Except there is one sliver of hope for the medication I'm on at the moment, and that's pine bark. Apparently it's some kind of miracle herbal remedy, and can reduce oedema. God, I hope so. It hurts to walk. So I will once more consult with my doctor next week and see what she thinks about pine bark. Maybe she might even read back over my file this time!

I would say "fingers crossed", but I can't actually cross them at the moment.

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Queenie said...

I don't know what to say. You are having a stressful time though, don't forget. You have made huge changes in your life already - moved out of Dublin, taking lots of long walks - you eat healthily, you don't drink much.

Is it stress? Or is it anxiety? Because that's what I get and I get them mixed up all the time - I think I'm stressed when I'm actually really anxious about stuff.

When was the last time you had a proper holiday - I mean a couple of months off?

Yoga will definitely help with the Oedema, but then again lying with your feet up against the wall does too.

I find when i'm stressed out yoga just makes me more stressed because I'm lying there for an hour thinking about things.

But it is good for you.

Ohmygod, we are all slowly falling apart, aren't we. Big hug. xx