Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have a chest infection. How bad is it? I'll tell you how bad. I actually went to the doctor, which for me means it must be bad. And now I have antibiotics, steroids, and an inhaler. Most importantly, though, I have a sick note from school work and so I can stay on the sofa and watch Pebble Mill Firefly for the rest of the week. And finish my novel.

Here's a top tip for you. If you, like me, often choose to accompany your blog posts with random pictures you find on the Internet, do not ever conduct an Internet search using Google or some other search facility (because Google is not a verb, let's remember that, kids) for images of chest infection. MY BLASTED EYES!

Instead, I have found you these lovely puppies. Aw.


Andrew Farrell said...

There really is no sense in which google is not a verb. I'm kind of sorry, but my energies are better spent on winnable battles, like finding people whouse 'revert' as a synonym to reply and hitting them it tire irons.

Andrew Farrell said...

With. With tire irons. Bah.

Trish Byrne said...

With tyre irons, Andrew. You live in London, not Alabama. Also, I know Google is a verb, but try telling some people.

Big Boss said...

You can say I googled for something but not I googled for something on yahoo. We hates that. Also only tards would say it. Note tard is not an officially approved noun here.

Also, that is the cutest picture of puppies I have ever seen. It is going on the puppies page at work.

FatB said...

Architecting, that happens ALOT in my job.