Wednesday, September 21, 2005


There isn't anything external for me to photograph at the moment, so here I am, pondering. I suspect that this t-shirt I've bought looks like scrubs. I'm wondering if I should get a new, more text-friendly blog. No-one really uses their Newbay blog for writing, it's all for taking pictures of their mates - here we are on holidays, here's the baby walking, here's a stage far away which may or may not feature a band, here we are all drunk - but then I remember that I have nothing really to talk about. I have only three topics of conversation - dogs, shop, er... (I'm sure I have a third! I have a third, don't I?) and they're fairly well covered here.

I fear turning into Roisin Ingle. Difference is, I'm not expecting anyone to pay to read what I have to say. And if I did, I think I'd try harder to have something to say. What I didn't mention about her book is the thing that annoyed me the most. Saying "but I can only write about myself" is the journalistic equivalent of saying "but I'm a bastard and I'll cheat on you". Just because you admit to it doesn't make it okay.
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Books is the third thing! You do good books!
Posted by wwhyte on Sep. 22 2005, at 2:39 PM Delete
Ah gwan would ya! Telly, books, film, music, your family, your friends, politics, zombies, blogging, the interweb, mailing people, there's some things you talk about. That everyone talks about. You're just focusing on your thoughts cos you're on your own. You get used to it after a bit...... if the zombies don't get you!!!
Posted by Queenie on Sep. 22 2005, at 10:42 PM Delete
I pledge multiple airstrikes in support of a new, more text heavy regime.
Posted by oldrottenhat on Sep. 23 2005, at 1:57 PM Delete
Your hair looks great btw. I went to the gorgeous Gabe for highlights and he charged me a fortune for them. Naughty boy!
Posted by Queenie on Sep. 23 2005, at 5:32 PM Delete
What a weasel! See, he sucks you in with the promise of well-done hair at a low cost, and then he hits you big for the highlights. I hope they're suitably autumnal, anyway.

Thanks for good thoughts, all. I don't really fear turning into Roisin Ingle, (that's another mention of her that will surely get the Bungle fans out in force. Hey, Bunglors!) I highly doubt that La Ingle spent her day fantasising about Hugh Laurie while trying to pin down the finer points of double-blind controlled trials and watching the wind blow through the long, long grass in the front garden which SOMEONE ELSE should have cut before they went away.
I wonder how many more times I'll have to cut the grass this year.
Ah crap. I can hear Dennis from next door with his mower out. The guilt stirs within me. Time to open another pack of Walkers, text in to win an iPod (just how much are vodafone charging me for these short-code texts, I wonder) and watch My Name is Earl.
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My Name is Earl is quite good really. Someone else would definitely have cut the grass but his family insisted on seeing him that weekend and everyone knows you can only cut the grass on a weekend. Also, about the Hugh Laurie: Oi, none of that!
Posted by keith on Sep. 24 2005, at 12:31 AM Delete

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