Saturday, September 24, 2005

41: Plain wrapper please

James Morrow's This is the Way the World Ends is part of Gollancz's yellow sci-fi series. I'm not sure whether that's the same series as the other Gollancz one, but with different packaging, or if it's a completely separate and somehow more lofty series. In any case, the design catches the eye and is old-fashioned and makes the book somehow more appealing with its plainness and lack of dodgy cover art.

And the contents? Well, the blurb on the front comes from the NYRB and claims that if Kurt Vonnegut and Jonathan Schell had collaborated on an anti-nuclear novel, it would be like this. WIthout knowing anything about Jonathan Schell, I'd say that's a far more accurate description than most blurbs I've read. This book has the same Vonnegut weary humour, the same silly quirks that are sometimes great and sometimes not so great, and the same overall desire to see people do the right thing and not make the same mistakes every time.

The book is slightly too long, and there are some episodes that I just wanted to skip right over, but on the whole it's a thumping read with some very moving moments.
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I'm up early too!
Those Gollancz yellow-jackets have been around for decades, they were always a good way of finding SF in the library.
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