Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little things that annoy me, perhaps irrationally

This is by no means a definitive list.

1) "Boutique" hotels where the towel hooks in the bathroom don't actually hold up your towels, you can't make yourself a cup of coffee in your room, and instead of giving you a ballpoint pen on the desk they give you a pencil in a fancy iron pencil holder, but no pencil sharpener.

2) When my company refers to its website as its homepage. (It took me months to work out that they meant the entire site when they said homepage.)

3) Television programmes where the people can't speak English properly. "Comfortability" is not a word, Apprentice contestants, and perception and perspective are not interchangeable.

4) The ITV Player website.

5) The warning signs they have on American menus now, where they have an asterisk next to anything with egg or meat in it to warn you that eating undercooked eggs or meat can cause DEATH BY EGG OR MEAT. My favourite one is on the entrance to the Ferry Building, which warns you that the building you are about to enter may contain chemicals, including cigarette smoke, that are known to cause harm to people. (Srsly, I will photograph it if I get a chance.)

That is all for now. I am grumpy today.


Ray said...

As long as the building doesn't contain heavy building materials, which would kill you if the whole thing collapsed on your head.

mylescorcoran said...

Not to mention the hot substances in the coffee cups, the pointy paraphernalia on the table and the crazed wait-staff driven demented by requests for things not on the damn menu.