Wednesday, April 21, 2010


As you can see, we still have the puppies.

In the last day or so, though, they've come on hugely in the independence stakes. They're playing with each other a lot more and are a lot less dependent on cuddling up to a human for comfort. This is good news, because it means I don't have to wait for them to be fast asleep in order to leave them and go off to do other things, such as showering and doing actual work for which I get paid.

They do still like a lap to lie on when they're actually ready to go to sleep, though, and will cry for one of us to come in and sit with them for a few minutes while they drop off. That's fine.

Worms appear to be abating as well. Everyone's belly, including Widger's, seems to be taking on a more normal shape, and everyone's got more energy.

They'll be starting tiny puppy vaccinations this week, which basically means getting teeny tiny doses of parvo vax in order to ensue they don't get accidentally infected before they are old enough to have their proper vaccinations. This will necessitate many visits to the rescue's vet, who is 45 minutes away from here. Oh well. There goes this weekend as well.

They are so lovely though, and it's lovely to see them getting stronger and more confident every day. I'm glad we took them on. Puppies were always such a mystery to me before, and I'm glad we had a relatively easy and healthy litter in first to practice on.


Big Boss said...

Every day, when I sit on the floor and Dobby climbs up on me, he looks trustingly into my eyes and I wonder what the fuck is wrong with people that they would abandon four puppies in a box. Some day a real rain is going to fall.

Queenie said...

You really should think about getting your vet nurse cert or something, then you could do all that yourself. They are growing so fast, they are lovely...!!!

Ian Moore said...


Sinead said...

Hi Trish
Just sat down with Aoife and Eimear and we scanned through all your posts and photos of your puppies and there was a chorus of "ahhh"s, followed by "mine" "mine". Aoife wants to come and visit. We'll be home in july! BEWARE!