Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wii fit update

"I haven't seen Keith in quite a while," said the Wii Fit yesterday, while Keith was in the room. Poor little blind Wii.

Anyway, after just over a month of playing Wii Fit, here's the routine I've moved on to:

6 minutes of hula hoop
4 minutes of running on the spot
30 minutes of step
10 minutes of running around the living room (I say "running", sometimes it's little more than shuffling)
10 minutes of boxing

I'm sure I'm doing myself some damage somewhere. Oh well. 40 more years to find out!


Ammonite said...

I'd say it's the boxing. I once did a tai-bo class and put my shoulder out for weeks. Andrew later said it was because they don't teach you to throw a punch properly.

Andrew Farrell said...

Yes, have you considered growing up on The Streets instead, Trish?

I am looking forward to getting a Wii Fit, but I am getting the impression that this is moving inexorably towards you beating the crap out of while it sings "Daisy, Daisy..."

Trish Byrne said...

Yes, I guess my relatively mild surburban upbringing has screwed me over again. Can't write a decent tune, never learned to box.

I think when the Wii actually instructs me to make Keith come and train, and refuses to take no for an answer, it might be time to give it up. Or when it tells me how I should vote in the next election.

Big Boss said...

You know what, wii fit? Screw you, that's what.