Monday, March 26, 2007


Imagine if, in Groundhog Day, Bill Murray had had to, instead of becoming a nicer person, solve a mystery in which he was being framed for the murder of an assistant district attorney. Now imagine that instead of Bill Murray, it was Taye Diggs. Well, that's Daybreak. It's a fun programme that they had on in the U.S. while Lost was on its ten-week hiatus, and now it's being shown in the U.K. on Bravo.

We've been watching it, partly because it's on telly, partly because it has Adam Baldwin in it, and who doesn't love him? And partly because all our U.S. shows are on hiatus again for another few weeks. I really liked the non-fucking around of the first episode, and the fact that Taye Diggs' character does not spend ages wondering why this is happening, but just tries a different approach to solving his problem every time he wakes up in the same day.

There is one thing that really annoys me about it, though. In the very first episode, the first thing he does when he gets up in the morning is to go to his apartment, having spent the night at his girlfriend's. His dog is waiting in his apartment for him to get back so it can get outside and, presumably, take a shit. It has, again presumably, been sitting around since some time the previous evening waiting for him. I know this because one of the neighbours says to him "your dog has been going crazy in the apartment", by way of a CLUE. To me, though, this just means that every time he wakes up on this day and doesn't go to his apartment, his poor dog has to sit there all day long, unfed and unwalked. Forever. That seems kind of mean.

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