Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, the embarrassment

I have a horrible feeling I'm going to want to see The Da Vinci Code when it comes out. I always enjoy Ron Howard's films, I like Tom Hanks, I adore Paul Bettany, and I thought the book was fun.

The shame.

Even more shameful is the fact that this blog entry is merely an excuse to post a picture of Paul Bettany on my blog. Again. Although I am not using any of the publicity stills from the film, because they make him look like a young Emperor Palpatine.


Trish Byrne said...

I know, but he is pretty good, technically. Okay, he's inclined to go for the shmaltz nine times out of ten, but there isn't really a lot of that in the source material here, so it could all work out okay. No?

Amusingly I will be in Paris with my mother-in-law when this opens. I expect the French will LOVE IT!

Queenie said...

Yum! Thanks for the piccie.

The best thing about being the queen bee of film in the social circles in which you circulate, albeit mostly electronically as the circle is becoming more and more elliptical as time stretches us away from each other, is that you can go to any damned film you like because you have the knowledge to make a case for it.